Vakaras su Sigute Ach

Fone skambant užburiančiai muzikai maloniai pasitaškiau vandenuku ir akvarele susitikime su Sigute Ach, išklausiau mini paskaitos, padiskutavau su stalo kaimynėmis. TIKRAS RELAXAS.
Ačiū organizatoriams  už puikią idėją
Jei vėl manęs neįtrauks audimas, pažadėjau sau su grafinėmis priemonėmis pabaigti šias miniatiūras










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27 May, 2016, Denmark

Departure to the airport.

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26 May, 2016, Denmark

Thursday we went by bus to Copenhagen where we visited the Danish national parliament “Christiansborg”. We met with the party leader Anders Samuelsen from the party “Liberal alliance” and he told about himself and the job as a leader of a party and the politics of the party. After that we met with Mette Bock, a member of the Christiansborg executive committee and she told about Danish politics in general and her educational background and the jobs she had before she went into politics.
After a boat trip around the harbor of Copenhagen, where we saw different sites and workplaces of the town, we had a guided tour of the free town “Christiania” where one of the persons that represent the town told us about the site and showed us different companies and workshops of Christiania and told about himself and his educational background. Back at the school, one of the nursery assistants in the after school care (who is also a school caretaker and scout leader) made a bonfire with all the students.

13263718_10207848851156947_6211594535946009659_n  13244856_10207848855437054_4408479114998054437_n
13312712_10207848869997418_3031301364595662901_n  13239372_10207848853036994_205627787857558028_n
Bonfire at the school.
13260107_10207849864582282_179013633585397862_n  13312752_10207849861262199_5160122557230778590_n

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25 May, 2016, Denmark

Wednesday the students met the teachers of physical education and did different activities together. After that they participated in the English lessons at the school and met the English teachers.
After lunch the students went by bus to different locations in Kalundborg: The coal-fired power station “Dong”, the estate “Lerchenborg” where they met the estate owner and heard him tell about himself and the gigantic solar cell panel park and the windmill park.
13263805_10207846522538733_1172259687950238896_n  13267734_10207846523138748_2214712515880233047_n
13267852_10207846523658761_2110424002492892426_n 13239102_10207846524618785_7125422749616078916_n
Lerchenborg estate wind and solar energy.
13256290_10207846431296452_3587861415594577550_n  13254229_10207846431856466_1558038127306278775_n

We ended the day by visiting an organic farm “Mindeslund” where we were told about the farm and the farmers educational background
13307423_10207846438496632_6784834459420480100_n  13240704_10207846439336653_9064986974814803074_n
Pig party.

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24 May, 2016, Denmark

Tuesday we went by bus to the town Jyderup where we visited the “Jyderup Højskole” and heard the headmaster tell about the Danish folk high school and what kind of activities they had at the school and his educational background. The students were shown the school and after that, we visited a socioeconomic Café called Café Habibi. The manager of the Café told his story and told about the Cafe. The students also visited a kindergarten where one of the kindergarten teachers told about her job and education. At the end we visited a camping ground and heard about that.
After lunch the students participated in the lessons from the tree different lines at Tømmerup fri og efterskole. They met the teachers and did different kind of activities within the lines of “Sport/adventure”, “Drama” and “The global line”.
DSC04848  DSC04863
DSC04852  DSC04855
After dinner, we went by bus to “Røsnæs naturskole” and a nature guide showed us the nature and told about his education and job.
13177172_10207840475027549_8430002872572063991_n  13238940_10207840500908196_7286782797698473560_n
13307394_10207840473707516_4043543010810937855_n  13241307_10207840461667215_4708015893875136357_n

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23 May, 2016, Denmark

On Monday we started with some socializing where the students had some questions within the framework of the project that they should talk about and discuss. We walked around the city of Spangsbro, met with different persons, and heard about their jobs: The  shop owner of “Dagligbrugsen” (a Danish convenience store/consumer cooperative) and the head of “Tømmerup hallen” a sports- and activity gym. They told the students about their job and education. We also heard the story about the “Loch Ness park” – a haulier who had donated a park to the city of Spangsbro.
After lunch, the students went by bus to Kalundborg to do some activities. We visited the church and heard a upper secondary school teacher and historian tell about the history of the church and his job.
After dinner, the students from the various countries presented their schools to each other. Each school had 20 minutes to tell about their school.
Morning song. Socializing or team building in the gym hall.
DSC04831  DSC04834
Walk and talk in Tømmerup.
20160523_105701  20160523_104050
20160523_112735  20160523_112104
Visit the town Kalundborg and the church.
20160523_154618  20160523_154239
20160523_150110  20160523_150136


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21 – 22 May, 2016, Denmark

On Saturday the 21 of May all the students and teachers from Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden arrived to Denmark. The first 24 hours they spend with the host families / parents of the students from Tømmerup fri og efterskole doing different activities together with the parents and children all within the framework of the project.
The day after on Sunday they all arrived to the “efterskole” and were accommodated in the school in the different rooms of the students. The evening was spend by the students together – and the Danish students showed the school and told about the school to the guests.

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Working as Guides

On the 11th of May Šeduva Gymnasium was visited by the students and their teachers from Kėdainiai Atžalyno Gymnasium. Since both schools are part of interdisciplinary project The Lost Shtetl where two subjects: history and the English language were integrated. The pupils worked as guides when visiting the sights.
DSC_0017  DSC_0027


At the Project Fair

20160322_132554On the 22nd of March a regional fair was organised where Seduva Gymnasium presented two Nordplus Junior projects: ETREPRENEURSHIP IS A GUARANTEE TO SUCCESS“,

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A Meeting with the Lecturers from Educology University

20160314_142511On the16th of March in Šeduva Gymnasium there were visitors from Lithuania‘s Educology University. The guest introduced their University, explained why it is worth studying there and with professions can be acquired at this University. Students were truly interested in this university‘s suggested possibility to try students‘ life for a week and visit all the lectures. They were also very interested in entering points and in purposive entrance to this university when you can work as a teacher in your school. What is more, pupils were explained what they can do after graduation. After the lecture students brought out not only the knowledge about this university but also a small gift for remembrance.

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